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Girl Scouts 


We offer 2 Brownie Badges:


Crafts made with clay have been around for thousands of years. People who study history have found ancient clay art and everyday objects. Work your way through these steps to become a clay artist yourself.

1. Find some pottery
2. Get to know clay
3. Make a simple pot
4. Make an art piece
5. Paint and glaze!
Artists take what they see and make it beautiful. Learn to paint and color your world in super strokes.

1. Get inspired
2. Paint the real world
3. Paint a mood
4. Paint without brushes
5. Paint a mural

When you've earned this badge, you'll have new ideas about what to paint—and how to paint it.


We offer 2 Junior Badges:


We will make jewelry from everyday objects. We will learn about jewelry from other lands and the cultural and historical significance. You will learn the basic tools & techniques used to make jewelry and make something of your own. We will decorate a box to keep our jewels in. We will learn about gemstones and the symbolism of jewelry in society.


When you pick up your pencil, anything could leap from your mind onto a sheet of paper. That’s what makes drawing so fun. In this badge, you’ll find techniques to make your drawings even better—which will make it more fun to see what your imagination can do.

1. Experiment with different materials.
2. Learn how to add shading.
3. Get some perspective.
4. Use your imagination like a graphic artist.
5. Make your masterpiece and show it off!



Cost is $20 per girl for 3 hour workshop-includes all supplies and instruction. Minimum: 5 girls

Call Bonnie at 619-415-5538 or 


Swap-O-Rama & Workshop


Come for a creative afternoon of nothing but SWAPS!! 

We will have the materials & instructions for you to make and take home at least 10 swaps.

We will have many to choose from. If you have a theme for an encampment, just let Bonnie know!

only $15.00 per Scout!

Sign up today-Limited Space-20 per session.

Swap Workshop:

Come to the Xpressive Arts Center and we will help you make swaps. Schedule the workshop during your regular meeting time or make a special time. Bonnie may even be able to accommodate you at your meeting given enough notice (& mileage!)
If you are going on an encampment let us know and we will help you find some great themed swaps.

We will have the materials & insructions for you to make and take at least 10 swaps or more!

Only $15 per girl!

Sign up for a 1 & 1/2 hour session by calling 858-679-2787

Boy Scouts

Webelos Artist Badge & Art Merit Badge: 

We will be able to fulfill all requirements for these badges in one 1 1/2 -2 hour session.

Call Bonnie at 858-679-2787 for more info!

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